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Jewelry By Johan Men's Stainless Steel Stardust Interchangable Link Bracelets

$119.00 USD

Jewelry By Johan Stardust mens bracelets contain shavings of real meteorite and are interchangable among the stainless steel bracelet links. The simple clasp inlays allow for quick and easy inlay exchanges between your favorite red, white, blue, green or purple stardust inlay colors.

These stainless steel bracelets for men will bring out the space explorer from within. You don't need to be an astronaut to wear or admire the unique and pure handcrafted meteorite designs in Jewelry By Johan's Stardust Men's bracelet collection.


This meteorite bracelet set includes one bracelet chain and one interchangeable inlay.
The bracelet chain requires an inlay in order to fully close.
Each modular bracelet set includes a case for the bracelet chain.


Metal: Stainless Steel
Finish: Polished and Brushed
Inlay Material: White Stardust
Width: 0.5″
Inlay Length: 1.875″

Available in three chain sizes:

  • Small: 5.5″ (7.5″ With Inlay)
  • Medium: 6″ (8″ With Inlay)
  • Large: 6.5″ (8.5″ With Inlay)

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