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Mad Man Lava Parker Mens Bead Bracelet

$12.99 USD $16.00 USD

The medium width Lava Parker bead bracelet for men features a string of smooth polish black lava stone beads. The porous black bead bracelet provides a simple yet distinctive look that fits any occasion. Give yourself a touch of style and always look your best with the Black Lava Parker beaded mens bracelet.

Run your fingers over the rough lava stone, which is said to have calming qualities. Bubbles that formed when the molten volcanic material cooled has created the craters in the lava's rough surface. Yup, you're wearing part of a volcano on your wrist, brother. An elastic nylon cord runs through all the beads, allowing for a flexible fit.

Size: The elastic bracelet stretches from 7 inches to 8 1/4 inches. Beads are 5/16 inch thick (8mm).

Material: Black Lava Stone.