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Hot & Tot Mens Watches

Hot & Tot Mens Designer Watches

HOT & TOT is a Dutch watch brand, founded in 2014 on the outskirts of Amsterdam. HOT&TOT combines Dutch entrepreneurship with the ever increasing demand for sustainable and stylish products.

The watches from HOT & TOT are made entirely by hand from wood and are therefore completely free of toxic substances and artificial materials. The wood used for our watches is residual wood and comes from all over the world. So no trees were cut down for our watches. But, for every watch that we sell, we plant a tree. For this we have been cooperating with the nonprofit Trees For All Foundation for over 3 years . On behalf of HOT & TOT, thousands of trees have been planted in Bolivia and in the Philippines and together we are making the earth a lot greener!

Our wooden watches are a combination of style, luxury and a responsible and sustainable view of our planet. We get our inspiration from both long journeys and bike rides through the Beemster or the dunes. All our watches are designed with a sharp eye for detail and a sustainable state-of-mind. We use various types of wood, each with its own characteristic appearance. This ensures that every watch is unique and matches every outfit. In addition, our watches are also incredibly light and breathable, so you barely notice that you have it on your wrist.

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